Food Policy Bites: Rebound in U.S. Egg Consumption Cracks Under Avian Influenza Pressures

Food Policy Bites Issue #4: Did you know U.S. households’ at-home egg consumption increased 60% in the last 10 years? Between 2011 and 2020, the number of eggs bought by US households increased from 150 to 213 eggs per person, per year.

As households spend less time cooking post-pandemic and face higher egg prices, at-home consumption is projected to decline from record levels. It is predicted that egg consumption will be primarily driven by food processors and bakeries, entities which seemed to increase consumption slowly in 2021 but were hit hard in 2022 when avian influenza caused egg prices to climb 70%.

It’s hard to say if the outlook is sunny side up or scrambled for egg consumption in the near term. There are postulations that without skyrocketing prices, total egg consumption may have rebounded to pre-pandemic highs despite a slight decline in at-home egg consumption. With wholesale egg prices showing some signs of tapering off in January, an uptick in egg consumption might materialize in 2023.

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