Baseline Update for U.S. Agricultural Markets

Increases in production result in continued downward pressure on prices for most crop and livestock commodities in 2016. FAPRI-MU Report #05-16 provides an update of the 2016 FAPRI-MU long-term baseline to reflect information available in mid-August 2016. Microsoft Excel tables include historical data for crops, biofuels and aggregate indicators.

Additional information is available from FAPRI-MU collaborators (check back for specific document links as they become available):

Agricultural Markets and Policy Group at the University of Missouri: U.S. dairy and livestock baseline tables

University of Nevada, Reno: See the international crops projections.

Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University (AFPC): Provides a companion set of estimates of the farm-level impacts of these projections.

Global Rice Marketing and Research Policy Group at the University of Arkansas: Provides global rice projections.

The International Center for Agricultural Competitiveness at Texas Tech University: Provides the global cotton outlook.