2021 Baseline Update for U.S. Agricultural Markets

FAPRI-MU Report #04-21 provides an update of the 2021 FAPRI-MU long-term baseline to reflect information available in mid-August 2021.

We expect to provide estimates of farm income implications shortly after USDA releases updated estimates of 2020 farm income on September 2, 2021.


Additional information is available from FAPRI-MU collaborators:

Agricultural Markets and Policy Group at the University of Missouri: U.S. dairy and livestock baseline tables.

University of Nevada, Reno: Provides international crop projections.

Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University (AFPC): Provides a companion set of estimates of the farm-level impacts of these projections.

Global Rice Marketing and Research Policy Group at the University of Arkansas: Provides global rice projections.

The International Center for Agricultural Competitiveness at Texas Tech University: Provides the global cotton outlook.