2019 U.S. Baseline Outlook

FAPRI-MU Report #01-19 presents a summary of 10-year baseline projections for U.S. agricultural markets, farm program spending, farm income and a variety of other indicators. Microsoft Excel Tables include historical data for crops, biofuels and aggregate indicators.

Please see the press release or MU’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources news release.

Additional information is available from FAPRI-MU collaborators (check back for specific document links as they become available):

Agricultural Markets and Policy Group (AMAP) at the University of Missouri: Provides U.S. dairy and livestock baseline tables.

University of Nevada, Reno: Provides international crops projections.

Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University (AFPC): Provides a companion set of estimates of the farm-level impacts of these projections.

Global Rice Marketing and Research Policy Group at the University of Arkansas: Provides the global rice projections.

The International Center for Agricultural Competitiveness at Texas Tech University: Provides the global cotton outlook.


Also see Drs. Pat Westhoff and Scott Brown in their “Take One for Ag” videos, which are hosted by the Director of the Division of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Missouri Joe Parcell.

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The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri seeks to provide objective analysis of issues related to agricultural markets and policies. FAPRI has developed a state, national and international reputation as a reliable source of information and analysis on everything from farm commodity market outlook to the impacts of farm bills, trade disputes and biofuel policies. FAPRI is best known for its projections for the farm economy.

Economists with the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) and the Agricultural Markets and Policy (AMAP) team release an annual U.S. Baseline Outlook report each spring. The report gives policymakers, farmers, agribusinesses and the public an overview of the state of the U.S. farm economy. The market projections it contains can be useful to farmers making production choices, to policymakers trying to decide how to respond to agriculture issues, to lenders who must decide whether to make loans and to agribusinesses making investment decisions.


Pat Westhoff
FAPRI Director and Howard Cowden Professor

Scott Gerlt
Program Leader, U.S. Crop Market and Policy Analysis