FAPRI-MU research is intended to inform decision making. The intended audience includes people who make policy and business decisions in the public and private sectors and the broader public, as well as other researchers working in similar areas.

Our outreach activities include:

Presentations: FAPRI-MU staff present research to various audiences. We list many of them here and provide links to a selection of these presentations.

Events: FAPRI-MU hosts or coordinates a few events each year. Many of these activities are presentations of the 10-year baseline projections that typically also include a discussion of key uncertainties relating to policy during the outlook period.

News items: FAPRI-MU work provides facts that can be used by journalists writing about certain policies or markets. We do not provide recommendations and our work does not relate to all the contents of a news story, but the list of news items provides a sample of how our research has been used.