Specialty Crop Resources

Fruit and Vegetable Enterprise Budgets
Fruit and vegetable enterprise budgets adapted to Missouri
Fruit and vegetable budgets for other states
     Arkansas – Specialty crop enterprise budgets & tools
     California – Cost and return studies
     Delaware – Production for fresh market & processing markets
     Florida – Ag commodity production budgets
     Iowa – Fruit and vegetable production budgets
               Market-based enterprise budgets toolkit
     Kansas – Growing under cover, a Kansas grower’s guide
     Kentucky – Large & small scale budgets
               Potential Profits from a Small-Scale Shiitake Enterprise
               2017 Kentucky Blackberry Cost & Return Estimates
     Nebraska – Half-acre farm, quarter-acre farm, and high tunnel budgets
     North Carolina – Tools & resources and enterprise budgets (vegetables)
     Organic Growers School
     South Carolina
     Tennessee – Sample Budgets for Large-scale Bell Pepper Operations
               Sample Budget for Small-scale Commercial Tomato Operations in East Tennessee
     Texas – D12, D6, D10


Fruit Production Guides
Missouri Master Gardener Core Manual – Fruit Production (Cost: $10)
Missouri Master Gardener Core Manual – Entire Manual (Cost: $30)
Apple Cultivars and Their Uses
Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars
Fire Blight
Fruit Cultivars for Home Plantings
Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner
Home Fruit Production: Apples
Home Fruit Production: Grape Culture
Home Fruit Production: Peach and Nectarine Culture
Home Fruit Production: Strawberry Cultivars and Their Culture
Pollinating Fruit Crops
Pruning Raspberries, Blackberries and Gooseberries
The Vertical Axis System: A Training Method for Growing Apple Trees


Vegetable Production Guides
Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers 2021
Missouri Master Gardener Core Manual – Vegetable Gardening (Cost: $10)
Organic Vegetable Gardening Techniques
Vegetable Planting Calendar
Marketing Vegetables in Missouri
Vegetables Harvest and Storage
Kansas State Extension Publications Related to Fruit and Vegetable Production


Fruit and Vegetable Pest Management Tools
Production guide lets you pick crop, pest and then suggest how to control it
Identifying diseases of vegetables
Guide to identifying and controlling post-harvest tomato diseases in Florida


Food Safety and Production Regulations
Food Safety
Missouri Food Safety Regulations at Farmers Markets
Missouri Produce Safety Program
Produce Safety Alliance – Grower Training Courses
Produce Food Safety Programs for Missouri on the K-State Extension Food Safety Website
Produce Safety Guidance
Missouri Grower Inventory Registration
Determining if FSMA applies to your farm
FSMA Produce Safety Rules: How Do They Apply to My Farm?
Missouri Water Testing Information and Procedure
Missouri Water Sample Submission Form
Missouri Water Testing Lab Locations
On Farm Readiness Review for FSMA Compliance
FSMA Final Rule on Produce Safety
Food Safety at Produce Auctions
Developing Traceability for Produce Growers
Missouri Food Safety – Manufactured Food Regulations
Labeling and Regulatory Compliance for Food Processing
Farmer’s Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities
The Farmer’s Legal Guide to Producer Marketing Associations
Guide to Illinois Laws Governing Direct Farm Marketing
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) Certification
GAP Checklists and Guidance by Specialty Crop
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) Audit Verfication Program User Guide
Writing an On-Farm Food Safety Plan – Several references and examples of needed paperwork
Example of a Farm Food Safety Manual by Steve Warshawer
USDA National Organic Program
Sales taxes on sales at farmers markets
Questions and Answers on GAP and Best Management Practices – Florida Tomato Exchange


High Tunnels
Production in High Tunnels
     Growing all Season: High Tunnels (NRCS)
     Growing Over Cover: A Kansas Specialty Crop Grower’s Guide to Cover Crops
     Kansas – Growing Under Cover, A Kansas Grower’s Guide
     The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower’s Handbook (Cost: $35)
Cost Sharing through the EQIP High Tunnel Initiative Program
     EQUIP Program Information from NRCS
     EQUIP Program Details for High Tunnels with Step by Step Details
     5 Tips for Applying to the NRCS High Tunnel Initiative


Harvesting containers


Trade Magazines
Growing Produce
Growing for Market
The Packer
Vegetable Growers News
Produce Market Guide


Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition
Fruits and Vegetables (Cost: $6.25)
How to Freeze Vegetables
How to Can Fresh Vegetables
Blanch Vegetables Before Freezing


Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production
The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution: High-Production Methods for Small-Scale Farmers (Cost: $30)
Becoming a Certified Organic Operation


Marketing Your Farm
Website where you can advertise your farm, CSA, and check out the competition
Missouri Food Finder – Identifies local food businesses
The New Farmers’ Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities (Cost: $30)
Marketing Options for Commercial Vegetable Growers


Accessing Wholesaler, Auction Markets, Brokers, etc.
Produce industry directory that lets you search by company type, by state, by produce category


Farmers Market Resources
Farmers’ Market Handbook: A Guide to Creating and Managing Farmers’ Markets


U-Pick Market Resources
Farm Stand and U-Pick Produce Operations Safety Best Practices


Growing Growers Core Workshop Series (K-State and University of Missouri)


How-to Videos
Fruit: K-State
Tools, Skills, & Practices: K-State
Vegetables & Herbs: K-State


Input sources
Indiana Berry & Plant Co
Nourse Farms
Walker Brothers, Inc. Seeds and Plants
Krohne Plant Farms
Strawberry Tyme Farms
Eden Brothers
Kriegers Nursery
Keystone Pest Solutions, Inc.
Adams County Nursery
Webstaurant Store
Berryhill Irrigation, Inc.