Specialty Crops

Missouri Specialty Crop Budgets

Specialty crop production remains an important part of Missouri Agriculture and represents a key area for value added growth. In support of planning economically viable growth in this sector, FAPRI with the help of Missouri Extension Specialists has begun the development of fruit and vegetable costs of production budgets. These budgets are not based on surveyed data. Instead they are based on common production practices, input use, and the price of those inputs. Growers should use these budgets as a guide for costs and returns and adjust them to their specific conditions. While specialty crop production can be very profitable especially relative to row crops, there can be long periods of investment before returns are realized and all specialty crops are labor intensive.

These budgets are designed to help growers understand these issues. The budgets are available as downloadable Microsoft Excel files to facilitate their direct use by current and prospective producers of specialty crops. Preparation of these budgets is an ongoing learning process and FAPRI with the help of Missouri Extension Specialists will continue to expand, update, and adjust these budgets. The budgets available are listed below:

2020 Budgets






Strawberries (High Tunnel)