Farmer’s Corner

Welcome to the FAPRI-MU Farmer’s Corner. This corner of our web site is devoted primarily to the farmers of Missouri. However, all farmers and “farmers at heart” are welcome anytime!

The Farmer’s Corner is a central location for information and tools to help farmers be successful. The current sections are:

Specialty Crops: Fruits and vegetables.

COVID-19: Questions, answers, and resources for the latest info on the coronavirus pandemic.

Farm CART: This tool allows the user to estimate the profitability of different farming operations online.

Spreadsheet Tools: This section contains spreadsheet tools designed to aid farmers in the decision making process.

Crop Budgets: These budgets contain cost and return estimates for the current year.

Marketing Strategies: Strategies for putting the marketing puzzle together.

Market Plans: These pre-plant/growing crop and stored grain market plans provide simplified formats for preparing written marketing objectives in a one-page plan.

2018 Farm Bill Information: This suite of integrated tools was created to help make the choices required for participation in the 2018 farm bill and crop insurance decisions.