Scott Gerlt

Program Leader, U.S. Crop Market and Policy Analysis
(573) 882-1927

Scott Gerlt is a U.S. crop analyst at FAPRI-MU. He focuses on the crop supply side, specifically farm policy and crop insurance. He has a B.S. and M.S. in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri. His bachelor’s focused on policy and included a minor in mathematics.

Scott helps maintain the U.S. crop model at FAPRI-MU. He is directly responsible for supply projections. Additionally, Scott helps coordinate the deterministic modelling system and leads much of the stochastic modeling effort. His work helped provide Congressional staff with analytics for the 2014 farm bill.

Additionally, Scott has been involved with education. He has helped develop outreach tools to assist agricultural producers make budgeting and policy decisions. This work has been used by thousands of people. Scott has presented to farm groups around the state and helps train students and outside interests about agricultural markets and modeling.