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Most Recent:

     September 14, 2014
     September 2014 U.S. Crop Price Update (4 pages, 156 kb)
     FAPRI-MU Report #05-14 This is the first monthly update of FAPRI-MU
     crop price projections, reflecting information available in mid-September

     August 28, 2014
     August 2014 Baseline Update for U.S. Agricultural Markets
     (18 pages, 227 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #04-14 This report serves as a mid-year update to the
     2014 baseline prepared in January 2014. It reflects market developments
     and incorporates information available in early August 2014.

     June 17, 2014
     Model Documentation: US Biofuels, Corn Processing, Biomass-based Diesel,
     and Cellulosic Biomass (81 pages, 439 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #03-14 This report provides a technical description of
     the FAPRI-MU U.S. Biofuel model as of March 2014.

     March 13, 2014
     U.S. Baseline Briefing Book (59 pages, 703 kb)
     FAPRI-MU Report #02-14 This report presents a summary of ten year
     baseline projections for U.S. agricultural markets, farm program spending,
     farm income and a variety of other indicators.

     February 24, 2014
     Biomass-based Diesel Policy Options: Larger RFS Requirements and Tax
     Credit Extension (17 pages, 455 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #01-14 This report analyzes the potential biofuel,
     crop and feedstock market impacts of two policy options related to
     biomass-based diesel: i) an increase in the biomass-based diesel
     requirement for the Renewable Fuel Standard; ii) an extension of the
     biodiesel blenders tax credit.



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