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     June 17, 2014
     Model Documentation: US Biofuels, Corn Processing, Biomass-based Diesel,
     and Cellulosic Biomass (81 pages, 439 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #03-14 This report provides a technical description of
     the FAPRI-MU U.S. Biofuel model as of March 2014.

     March 13, 2014
     U.S. Baseline Briefing Book (59 pages, 703 kb)
     FAPRI-MU Report #02-14 This report presents a summary of ten year
     baseline projections for U.S. agricultural markets, farm program spending,
     farm income and a variety of other indicators.

     February 24, 2014
     Biomass-based Diesel Policy Options: Larger RFS Requirements and Tax
     Credit Extension (17 pages, 455 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #01-14 This report analyzes the potential biofuel,
     crop and feedstock market impacts of two policy options related to
     biomass-based diesel: i) an increase in the biomass-based diesel
     requirement for the Renewable Fuel Standard; ii) an extension of the
     biodiesel blenders tax credit.

     December 30, 2013
     Renewable Fuel Standard Waiver Options for 2014 and Beyond
     (16 pages, 618 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #07-13 This report analyzes a range of Renewable
     Fuel Standard waiver options in light of the EPA’s 2014 Proposed
     Rulemaking and presents estimated impacts on selected biofuel, crop,
     and feedstock markets.

     October 1, 2013
     Impacts of Selected Provisions of the House and Senate Farm Bills
     (32 pages, 537 kb)

     FAPRI-MU Report #06-13 This report summarizes analysis of selected
     crop program provisions of farm bills approved by the U.S. House and



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