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2014 Farm Bill Decisionaid - Crop programs and crop insurance

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Probable Fieldwork Days Model
     Updated December 18, 2014
        This tool evaluates the probability of completing or not completing fieldwork activities within a given time period. Now includes Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

Crop Budget Generator (CBG)
     Updated November 19, 2014
        Build customized crop budgets and evaluate leases for your farm. Pre-loaded budgets for 2015 Missouri crops: Corn, Soybeans, Double-crop Beans, Wheat, Grain Sorghum. Typical budgets prepared by Ray Massey.

Forage Budget Generator (FBG)
     Updated November 19, 2014
        Build customized forage budgets for your farm: Pre-loaded 2015 budgets for alfalfa, fescue seed, and others. Estimates establishment and maintenance costs of production for seed, pasture, small square bales, large round bales, and/or haylage. Typical budgets prepared by Ray Massey.

Grain Store/Sell Decision Aid
        Estimates costs of handling and storing dry grain in on-farm or commercial storage for use in making marketing decisions.


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