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FAPRI ACRE Risk Management Tool (FARM Tool)
Updated for 2010

Welcome to the FARM Tool download page.


photo by Drew Backues This page is designed to help give you access to the latest downloads of the FARM Tool. The FARM Tool was designed to be an educational aide to help producers make sense of the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program.

The FARM tool is a multi-state (Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Ohio) Excel spreadsheet that is designed to help producers evaluate the decision to elect to enroll in the new ACRE program or to stay with the current Direct and Counter-Cyclical (DCP) program. The spreadsheet shows what payments are possible in electing to enroll in ACRE, side-by-side, with the payments possible if a producers decides to stick with the current DCP program. The spreadsheet allows the producer to enter multiple FSA farm units, store the input and recall it at a later date. The spreadsheet also shows what the likelihood is (probability) of producers receiving payments if they elect to enroll in ACRE.

If you want us to contact you as updates are made to the FARM Tool, please provide your email address and name and we will contact you via email when we have a newer version available. We will not share your contact information.
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FAPRI ACRE Risk Management Tool (FARM Tool)

Click the link to download a self extracting executable file. When prompted, choose run and
follow the instructions to save the Excel file on your local hard drive.
Type Requirements Date Download Description
Spreadsheet Excel 2003 or newer with macros enabled 4/9/10 FARM Tool ver. 3.0 Evaluate Average Crop Revenue Election program for your farms.

FAPRI ACRE Risk Management Tool (FARM Tool) Users' Guide
Type Requirements Date Download Description
PDF File Adobe Acrobat 4/9/10 FARM Tool Users' Guide Description of the ACRE program and how to use the FARM Tool.


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