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Cost and Return Estimates for 2015

These annual enterprise budgets were prepared by Ray Massey to represent mid-sized Missouri farms
outside of the Bootheel with above average yields. A multitude of sources are consulted including Missouri
producers, agribusinesses, and extension specialists.

Users are encouraged to download the Crop Budget Generator or the Forage Budget Generator to customize estimates.

Corn, Grain Sorghum, Soybeans, Wheat
     Dryland Corn
     Irrigated Corn
     Grain Sorghum
     Soybeans - Double Cropped

Forage Establishment
     Cool Season Grass - Clover

Forage Production
     Alfalfa Hay - Small Square Bales
     Alfalfa Baleage
     Fescue Hay - Large Round Bales
     Fescue Seed + Stubble Hay
     Corn Silage


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